The platform for the women of the world

The Women Economic Forum (WEF) is the international platform, of the global All Ladies League (ALL) network, which enables women and leaders from all fields to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through borderless networks.

ALL and WEF are among the largest communities of women entrepreneurs and leaders who have opened opportunities for thousands of women to grow personally and professionally.


WEF, a platform that It allows

Grupo 1912


Multiply experiences and generate sustainable actions for women around the world.

Grupo 1914

To empower

Promote access to information and education, in order to generate enrichment in each of them.

Grupo 1917

Speed up

Provide financial support and expertise to small growing businesses with a substantially sustainable impact.

Grupo 1920


Generate value to society through an innovative, sustainable and scalable model with a perspective international subject to trends in the economies around the  world.

WEF that impacts

215_199 members
215_199 allied countries
215_199 Regional chapters
215_199 connections
215_199 versions in the world

WEF attracted for the Caribbean

In this region, women represent the impetus that the economic and social spheres need. At this juncture, they have the opportunity to be protagonists, empower themselves and transcend through:

The economy,

increasing its participation in entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Innovation and technology,

contributing their creative ideas and potential opportunities in the ICT sector.


and public policies, promoting the equity of gender.


and well-being, working to achieve better alternatives for health and favorable environments for the region.


creating networks that lead the region to have a more sustainable environment.

WEF Caribe 2021,

an opportunity to transcend

This first version of the WEF Caribbean will highlight the role of women in society, and how the Caribbean is an important region of the world economy. That’s why from our event will be  focus on being part of a social construction that is safe, inclusive and sustainable.

The WEF Caribbean is an opportunity to transcend and make connections with different women and governments in the region and learn about some of the strategies that have been implemented in this time of change created jobs, increased trade and investment for the region and the world.


An experience for:

Grupo 1897


A more equitable, diverse and inclusive region.

Componente 4 – 1


The inclusion of women in all economic sectors and mitigating gender violence.

Componente 3 – 1

Beef up

The leadership and empowerment of women as the engine of prosperity in the 21st century.

Componente 5 – 1


Self-confidence in women of their talents and abilities, through an entrepreneurial mindset and culture.

Componente 2 – 1


Alliances and synergies that add wills and expertise from governments, the private sector and civil society, in the economic sphere to expand the scope and join forces.

Why is the WEF Caribbean important?

Because, at this juncture, women in the Region have the opportunity to be protagonists, empower themselves and transcend through the economy, innovation and technology, science and public policy, health and wellness and sustainability.

Because it is the propitious space where the women of the Region find connection and business opportunities that allow them to transcend borders.